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Transforming the decision-making process for growers, advisors, and landowners with Lab-on-a-Chip and Computer Vision

Our Lab-on-a-Chip gives you the precision of a lab service without the need to ship samples 


Nutrient Panel: Our Lab-on-a-Chip measures macronutrients NO3, PO4, K, Ca, Mg.


Rapid results: 5 minutes for water & sap tests, 15 minutes for soil tests


Connected : Seamless save data across the device and our web platform. 


Can be used to test for various farm sample types 


From sample to insight
in 3 easy steps

1. Sample

Depending on the sample (Water, Soil, Sap) you will have to use either distilled water or an extraction reagent to prepare it.

2. Test

Deposit the extracted sample on our one-time-use microfluidic chip and Insert the chip into the measurement device for analysis

3. React

Your results are stored on the device and uploaded to your web platform account for comparison and logging.

Helping you make decisions anytime, anywhere

Android/iOs Mobile App

  • In-field/greenhouse sample tracking

  • Works with or without barcodes

Web Application

  • Customizable Dashboard for nutrient management

  • Store nutrient targets for specific crops for easy comparison


  • For the Farm Management Software already in use

  • For fertigation machinery 

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Experience Instant Nutrient Testing