Improve yield, save cost, and avoid environmental contamination from fertilizers with our rapid test for soil, water, and plant tissue.

A portable device for analyzing agricultural and environmental samples

All you need in one solution

Starting with NPK (Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Kalium), our versatile nanosensor can cover any nutrient types and be used on anything from soil to leaf-samples, slurry, manure and water.

Simple use and seamless integration

Our one-click device and test-kits are easy to operate, giving you a complete digital overview and integrates directly with the farm management software you already use. Yes, also Excel.

GPS-Barcode sample mapping

Our simple GPS-locator keeps track of sample locations and informs about your land's weaknesses - an instant overview of your farm's fertility levels with results that can be used immediately.

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We enable true data-driven and adaptive farm practices.

With Nordetect, farm managers and agricultural service providers can remove risk and use valid data that is easy to understand and implement to ensure impressive harvests. With near-real-time analysis, ease-of-use, and a cost-reduction of around 70%, the barriers for continuous use of nutrient data in farm management are gone.

A biochemical diagnostics company 


We have developed a novel sensing method based on chemical-based target molecule quantification in record time. The versatile nature of our product suite allows us to help not only the agricultural and environmental industry but also companies in other domains in need of rapid nano-sensing.

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