Gain timely insights into your current nutrient status to improve yield and cut costs with our rapid test for soil, water, and plant tissue

  • Nitrogen Phosphorus and Potassium + more simultaneously

  • Based on proven chemistry and
    UV-VIS spectrophotometric methods

  • Works with water, soil, sap and leaf tissue sample types

  • Mobile app to keep track of sample locations

  • Trace and follow up with grids or zones that are underperforming

  • No need for re-calibration when testing samples in new geographies

  • Web API + Device API for complete control

  • Easy-to-use web application for account setup and administration 

  • Crop-specific insights by allocating tags to results

Our one-click device and test-kits are easy to operate, giving you a complete digital overview and integrates directly with the farm management software you already use. Yes, also Excel.

Track nutrient changes and spot deficiencies before it's too late  
At-line water testing for healthy roots in soil-less cultivation


Our portable analyzer takes the effort out of testing your water at the inlet, outlet, or anywhere along the length of your growing beds. Combined with our sample tracking system, it makes crop-specific nutrient data an easy affair.

Portable soil and tissue analysis to assess nutrient levels 

Our product helps Agronomists and Crop Advisors test the soil, sap, and leaf tissue to get a true picture of the nutrient balance of a certain grid or zone. Take advantage of our data management system to reduce the time spent on digitizing and communicating results. 

A portable device for analyzing agricultural and environmental samples

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Our nutrient analysis product is based on a proprietary Lab-on-a-Chip platform for chemical and biochemical analysis. Connect with us if you are interested in new product development in the field of rapid testing that has an impact on the food chain.

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