Instant Water Analysis that puts You in Control

Optimize crop performance and minimize waste with a portable, calibration-free tester for your farm.
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Rapid Macronutrient Testing

A full macronutrient panel

Measure for multiple nutrients, including nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium, and more at the same time. Nordetect's UV-VIS spectrophotometric methods test for nutrients in water, sap, and leaf tissue samples.

Data that does the work for you

Tap the power of business intelligence. Use our SaaS platform to upload data from the field to the cloud for trend analysis, integration to your farm ERP, and optimized automation.

Powerful in-field testing

Simplify your workflow with cost-effective, in-field testing in minutes. Low-cost subscription bundles allow you to standardize testing in every greenhouse and container.
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Agri-Food Innovation is Here

Nordetect is the premier nutrient analysis partner for Controlled Environment Agriculture farms all over the world.