Precise Nutrient Data
to Transform Controlled Environment Agriculture

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Data Visualization, Analytics, + Integration

Streamline Your Water Testing

Gain New Insights into Your Crop's Growth with Our User-Friendly Water Quality Management Software. Get your entire team on the same page with simplified data management.

Save Time on Data Logging

Between logging data from pH and EC meters and automatically reading your lab reports effortlessly, our software frees up your time so you can focus on growing your crop.

In-Depth Analysis in a Few Clicks

Our software generates detailed charts, enabling you to easily track trends and relationships between pH, EC and nutrient values, so you can better understand their impact on your crop.
Streamlined Data Capture
Simplify your data capture process with our intuitive software right on your smartphone. Log data from pH and EC meters, map your rooms and tanks, compare nutrient levels, and enjoy the convenience of having your team's data all in one place
Visualize Growth Trends
Our software's advanced charting capabilities offer a visual snapshot of your plant's growth journey. Monitor trends, identify patterns, and gain data-driven insights with intuitive charts. Stay informed and make informed decisions to optimize your growing strategies.
Unified Data Ecosystem
Experience hassle-free integration with our software's flexible API. Connect your existing IT system effortlessly and ccess all your water data in one centralized location, maintaining a single source of truth and enabling easy sharing with your colleagues.
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