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AgroChip for Macronutrient Analysis

Nordetect's patent-pending lab-on-a-chip measures plant macronutrients simultaneously from a single sample. The chip has a capillary circuit that directs the liquid sample to the relevant testing regions of the chip and interacts with the chemical reagents that produce a fluorescent or colorimetric signal change in response to the nutrient level. The chips are single-use, recyclable, and returnable for processing and replenishment.
Accuracy Through VIS Spectrophotometry


Nordetect's Optical Reader uses VIS spectrophotometry combined with computer vision to read the signals from the AgroChip and provide a digital result for the key nutrients. The Analyzer is a smart device that can be used standalone or on a network and controlled via a mobile device. The analyzer is forward-compatible and will work with new tests that we release.
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Using Nordetect

The Nordetect system is designed to provide clarity through data. In a matter of minutes, you will have a detailed analysis of your plants and be able to react accordingly.

Collect sample

Gather the water sample that requires analysis.

Dilute + shake

Use either distilled water or an extraction reagent to prepare your sample.

Add sample to the Agrochip

All it takes is a few drops of water to get reliable results.
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